◇Provision of technical information 


        Periodical provision of technical information reports exclusive to enterprises, including the updated patent information of the U.S.A., Japan, EC and Taiwan, etc. and papers released by the various research organizations and academic units, for the industry’s reference with respect to design, production and R&D of products.


◇Applications for local and foreign patents, trademark and copyright 


        Upon clients’ appointment, we will send our specialized personnel to contact clients personally.  Our senior engineers will take care of drafting or translating the relevant documents after the cases are received and assigned to them for drafting of patent specification, production of drawings, proofreading and filing until an allowance decision is granted.  Our technical advisors will proofread or edit the specifications and relevant documents.  Our special personnel will create computer files to follow up the cases to complete the applications in an effective and accurate manner. 


◇Processing of local and foreign IPR licensing 


        In the forming of the knowledge economy age, IPR has become an enterprise’s tangible property right.  That is, an enterprise is able to seek profitable income by means of licensing the IPR developed by it.  Alternatively, acquiring the key technology under other advanced enterprises’ licensing by means of technology transfer is also an important and effective method to help an enterprise’s development. 

         We entrust our attorneys-at-law to draft the strict technology licensing agreements including licensed object, calculation of royalty, implementation of technology transfer and default, in terms of practices and laws and based on both parties’ requirements, in order to enable enterprises to obtain exclusive license, international license or cross license.


◇Processing of local and foreign IPR litigation 


         We retain full-time lawyers to handle disputes over counterfeits of patented and trademarked goods, IPR (invalidation, cancellation and defense) and administrative remedies (appeal, re-appeal and administrative proceedings).  The deadline for response to the various cases will be controlled via computer.  The special personnel will bring the most effective legal action and written response upon conducting detailed analysis on the relevant evidence and information.


◇Management and agency of IPR 


        We provide comprehensive IPR planning and management exclusive to enterprises.  Our specialized personnel are able to provide the most professional services with respect to the relevant industries’ technical analysis to develop the core technology intended to enhance an enterprise’s competitive strength, and expansion of an enterprise’s niche by means of licensing and professional technical assessment, or acquisition of key technology by means of technology transfer, and marketing and agency of patented goods, technical evaluation on feasibility of commercialization of patented products.

The Scope of Business

Louis International Patent Corporation